Liposuction is a great plastic surgery procedure to remove fat in your problem areas. In general, you’re a great candidate for liposuction if you have

stable weight for the past 6 months

smaller, localized areas of fat

areas of fat resistant to diet and exercise

– areas with little or no loose skin

Stable weight for 6 months or longer is essential before you consider liposuction. If you’re actively losing weight, you may want to hold off on liposuction, since you’re already doing a great job with diet and exercise. If you are gaining weight, then you want to stabilize- otherwise, even after your liposuction procedure, you may continue to gain weight after surgery! However, if you’ve been exercising and on a good diet, and you still have a problem area or two, then you are probably a good candidate for liposuction.

Liposuction is great for localized areas. It is not good for overall weight loss. Also, liposuction is great for external fat. If you have internal, or what we call “visceral” fat, which is inside the abdominal cavity, then liposuction will not be able to remove that type of fat.

If you have areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, then you are a great candidate for liposuction. Women and men differ slightly, since women are prone to have the outer and inner thighs as more of a problem area, and men have more problems with love handles and breasts. A small, isolated problem area is perfect for liposuction, and you should be very happy with the long-term results.

If you have an area of your body with little or no lose skin, then liposuction would probably be the preferred technique. Liposuction only removes the underlying fat, and may tighten the skin slightly, but not a significant amount. If you have loose, redundant skin before liposuction, you probably need to have the loose skin removed with surgery, and your skin tightened in the general area. Plastic surgeons often get this question with the abdomen or tummy area, and you may need to be examined if you need tummy liposuction versus a tummy tuck.

Roy Kim, MD, a Plastic Surgeon in San Francisco, will be able to perform a physical examination in his San Francisco office to determine is liposuction is the best procedure for you. He will ensure that you have external, NOT visceral fat, and give you a realistic plan to give you the best contour possible after surgery.

Please contact him at, or visit his website at for more information on receiving, among other procedures, a liposuction in San Francisco. A better looking physique is waiting for you.


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