Yes, there are scars after an eyelid lift.  However, they are very difficult to see.

An upper eyelid lift scar is placed in the upper eyelid fold.  Any loose skin is tightened, and sutured in the upper eyelid fold.  This results in a surgical incision that is difficult to impossible to see, even without makeup.

A lower eyelid lift incision is placed just underneath the eyelash line.  This makes it very difficult to impossible to see as well.  Even short-term, this scar is hard to see without makeup.

If possible, I try to use a lower eyelid incision from the pink tissue on the inside of the eye.  This is called the conjunctiva of the eye.  This type of incision is good for removal of excess fat, but is not suitable for a lot of skin tightening.  You may still need an incision in the skin to get the best result.

More eyelid lifts are using a procedure known as a canthopexy, where certain structure of the eye become tightened.  sometimes as you age, the tarsus, which supports the lower eyelid, becomes loose.  It may need to be tightened, which occurs with a very tiny incision in the lateral or side portion of your eye area.  This incision is virtually impossible to see short-term or long-term.

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