A mini tummy tuck, or limited incision tummy tuck, is a plastic surgery procedure that allows you to have a shorter incision compared to the average tummy tuck.  You will need a consultation and exam to see if you are a candidate.

The best candidates are patients who have very little loose skin in the center of their lower abdomen and upper groin area, and who have little to no fat in the love handle areas.

The average tummy tuck removes loose skin, soft tissue, and fat from the entire abdomen.  This skin and soft tissue is removed and discarded.  While this area is open, your tummy muscles are usually tightened.  Then the area is closed.  Most patients have slight love handles, and may require liposuction to smooth the side contour and give you the best aesthetic result-  tight tummy skin, no bulging of fat at the sides or love handles, a very thin scar, and a very low scar in relation to your body.

Unfortunately, most women are not candidates for a mini tummy tuck because they have loose skin over the entire surface of their abdomen.  A shorter incision with a mini tummy tuck is only possible if you have loose skin only around the center of your stomach and no love handles at all.  This is pretty uncommon, even among women who are very thin and fit.

A beautiful tummy tuck appearance is still possible, but most patients need the traditional approach.  Only after a personalized consultation can we determine what is best for you.

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