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1) When can I touch them/play with them?

When the incisions are fully healed approximately, 3-4 weeks after surgery.  But that’s just what the doctor orders.  After that, it’s whenever she says you can.

2) OK, how can I accelerate the healing?

You can help her heal by being patient, supportive and listening to the post-op surgical instructions.  Healing can be physically as well as emotionally draining, so do you best to support her.  Medical studies have also shown that she will heal 2.5 times faster if you fold the laundry, cook dinner and dust her extensive collection of figurines.  (Okay, not really, she made us say that).

3) Will they be the same in terms of sexuality after surgery?

Yes, but most people report a slight increase in fun.  Your significant other will probably have numb nipples after surgery. A few days or weeks later, she will have unusual feelings of shooting toward her nipples that she may describe as electricity, pins and needles, burning, caterpillars crawling, etc. This is normal – and actually a good thing.  It means that the nerves to the nipples are healing well. Rest assured, long-term they should be normal. Long-term is defined as several weeks and up to 6-12 months.  It depends on how she heals.

There are some cases where the nipple sensation is never quite normal, but these cases are very rare.

4) Will they be able to produce milk/ lactate?

Yes, they should be able to.  The milk producing ducts are avoided during surgery, and the majority of women have no problems breastfeeding after augmentation surgery.

5) I know I already asked this, but how can I get my hands on them sooner?

IF you simply can’t wait and IF she says it’s okay, implant massage is often recommended by many plastic surgeons. This helps reduce the risk of capsular contracture, which is when too much scar tissue forms around the implant.  Very gentle massage as instructed by the surgeon is one way to get your hands on them sooner

6) How can I help immediately after the surgery is done?

Make sure you are aware of your partner’s surgery, and if possible, go with her to a consultation before the actual operation.  Be supportive.  Remember – ultimately, it’s not a choice you are making for your body, but a choice she is making.

Pay attention to what the plastic surgeon has to say so that you remember all of the suggestions on how to take care for your loved one right after surgery.  An additional set of ears can also be helpful when she can’t remember the answer to a question that occurred during consultation or post surgery.

And again, there’s always the laundry.

7) Is she doing this for me or for her?  Or is she doing this for the next guy that comes along?

In general, assuming you have a normal relationship, she’s doing this for herself.  She has probably been thinking about breast augmentation since the end or puberty, and quite possibly before puberty.  So it has likely been on her mind since before you came along.

Or it’s possible that she has given you a beautiful baby, and now she wants her youthful breasts back.  She made enormous sacrifices to bring a child into the world (not drinking, gaining weight, losing her shape, breastfeeding, sleepless nights, on and on…), so now it’s her turn to do something for herself.

If you have encouraged her to explore breast augmentation options, it’s important to have an honest conversation to make sure that she is doing this because she wants to and not just because you want her to.  Also, assuming you have a stable relationship, she’s probably not doing this for the “next guy that comes along.”  She’s probably not thinking about the next guy – yet.

To increase your chances of there not being a next guy, try not to ask the following 3 questions:

1)      Do I get my money back if we break up?

2)      Is that the size you chose?  I wanted them a lot bigger!

3)      Can I touch them yet?  When can I touch them?  Is it okay if I touch them yet?


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