You probably know that liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure that removes fat.  It’s a great procedure, and one where you can be awake, lightly sedated, or completely sedated, depending on you preference and how much liposuction is required.  Fat that is removed by liposuction is gone in your problem areas.

However, there are several myths that my patients consistently ask me.  Here are the 5 myths of liposuction that I hear about from my patients.

Liposuction Can Be Done with Non Surgical Methods

Newer Liposuction Technology is Better

You Will Regain Fat In Unusual Areas

When You Regain Fat,  It Will Look Weird, Lumpy, or Unusual

You’re Taking the “Easy Way” Out By Getting Liposuction

Liposuction Can Be Done with Non Surgical Methods

Yes and no.  If you have very little fat that you can pinch, and is external, then yes, there are ways to “freeze” fat, and after waiting 6 months, you can see a result.  Outside of the US, there’s actually technology that uses high energy sound waves to “melt” the fat, and the dissolved fat is processed by your body.  No need for invasive liposuction!

However, for the majority of patients, you have to have some type of technology that goes under your skin, right to where your fat is, and remove it.  It can be done by traditional liposuction, or with a laser, but either way, you have to have liposuction that is NOT external.  External liposuction can’t remove as much fat, can’t remove it in many areas, and is not the best way to deal with external fat in most patients.

Newer Liposuction Technology is Better

Newer is better, right?  Not always-  thanks to marketing and confusion in the liposuction marketplace, some patients believe that using a laser or ultrasonic therapy will give superior results.

Well, just like most things in life, it depends.  Depending on the area, laser and/or ultrasound WILL remove more fat, and will tighten your external skin.  However, it really depends on the area of the body, how tight or loose your skin is, how much fat I’m removing, and the underlying technology itself.

Interestingly, ALL laser and ultrasound types of liposuction REQUIRE traditional liposuction to “clean up” remove any excess fat left behind.  In the operating room, I will often use a laser or an ultrasonic liposuction device to do most of the fat melting.  However, I still need to use traditional liposuction to get that melted fat out.  Many patients don’t realize this, and the marketing companies behind various laser and ultrasonic liposuction devices generally don’t advertise this fact.

I understand this may be a plastic surgery geek answer, but you need to realize that newer liposuction technology will “melt” or “process” the fat, but I still need to get that stuff out of you-  and that way is traditional liposuction, suctioning it out.

You Will Regain Fat In Unusual Areas

Not true.  When I’m removing fat from your body, I’m removing plumped up fat cells, filled with actual fat on a microscopic level.  Once those fat cells are gone, they are gone forever.

BUT-  you still have fat cells left behind in your body, including the areas that had liposuction!  So, if you gain weight after your operation, you will (unfortunately) gain weight symmetrically and everywhere that your body like to collect fat.

You will not gain fat in unusual areas of your body-  the fat will simply come back to it’s original home.

When You Regain Fat,  It Will Look Weird, Lumpy, or Unusual

Not true-  if you gain weight again, your fat will settle back to the areas it loves, and will appear normal.  I think this myth is from confusion between contour irregularity and ridges, versus unusual body appearance after liposuction.

After your liposuction procedure, you should have a uniform and smooth appearance in all areas of liposuction.  If you have ripples or wrinkling, then your body is trying to form scar tissue where you had liposuction, or the plastic surgeon that did the procedure lingered a little too long in a specific area, causing an indentation.  This can be fixed using various non-surgical and surgical methods, but it is not due to regaining fat after your liposuction procedure.

You’re Taking the “Easy Way” Out By Getting Liposuction

For virtually all people that I see in my office, not true.  If you’re under 21 years old, and usually 25 years old, you probably should not consider liposuction.  Your metabolism is excellent, and you should be able to lose weight pretty quickly with changes in diet and exercise.

However, if you’re older than 25 years old, have had children, or have visible muscles with “problem” areas, then yes, liposuction is probably your only answer.  A radical change in diet and exercise may still not be enough to get the ultimate body you want.

I have done liposuction on several body builders with a visible 6 pack in their abdomen-  but small love handles.  Granter, their body fat was probably 13% or less, but they could not win body fitness competitions, due to their love handles they could not get rid of.

Hormonal changes, increased age, and other factors make it much harder to lose fat in problem areas as you get older.  And yes, you’re not that old-  I don’t consider your 20’s and 30’s to be that old-  it’s just that if you can “pinch and inch” or two inches, and you have a great overall diet and exercise plan, then don’t feel guilty about considering liposuction.


I offer all technologies and types of liposuction, and rest assured, I will give you the best options possible for your situation.

If you have any other questions or want to set up a consultation, , please contact me at info@drkim.com or 415 362 1846.

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